Saturday, May 7, 2016

Getting Through a Quarter-Life Crisis

The quarter-life crisis is no myth. It's the "what am I doing with my life" phase almost every 20 something goes through at one time or another where you just feel lost.  And let me tell you, with my 25th birthday in a few short weeks, I am feeling mine pretty strong. I've tried to keep my blog strictly beauty related, but I've been in a slump for sometime now and it definitely is reflected in my blog. So I just wanted to get on here and kind of explain whats been going on and give a life update.

Honestly, blogging has been the last thing on my mind lately. I have just felt unmotivated, uninspired and just bored with my content. I'm at the point now where I'm just putting up posts once a week just to post because I feel so guilty when I don't, even though I sometimes straight up don't want to be blogging at that moment. I just haven't cared for quite sometime. Everyone gets the blogging blues, and I know I'm not alone because I've read countless posts on them and how to pull yourself out of one.

But what about when your in a life slump?

I've been out of college for a few years now, and I can firmly say I still have no idea how to adult. As I get older, I realize no one really does and we are just all bumbling through life. But the pressure to have it together is still there; to have a successful career. a house and in the not-so-distant-future, kids. The big focus lately has been trying to get going on some sort of a career instead of just having a job where I live paycheck to paycheck. Job hunting is exhausting, time consuming and your self-esteem definitely takes a beating during the process. Going from being hopeful and optimistic about a job prospect to being rejected over and over again can make anyone feel down in the dumps.

Last year, my husband got in a serious car accident and was in the hospital for a few days. Thankfully, he is doing just fine now, but it definitely marked the beginning on a downward spiral financially and emotionally. Between medical bills, other random, expensive (monetarily and emotionally draining) life events popping up, having to buy not one, but two new cars in the past year (my car decided to hate me and breakdown like every month) AND having a car stolen just to pay more money to get it back weeks later from an impound has been difficult to say the least. Because of all the stress, and just the joys of working with small children, I am sick ALL THE DAMN TIME. My health has not been the greatest, and I haven't been eating as well as I should or being as active as I used to which I know has been a product of stress. Luckily, I have someone to get through it all with, and that I am forever grateful for.

The timing of it all has sucked. It's been so overwhelming and it's been hard to stay positive. Blogging was a nice escape when I first started where I didn't care about how many views, comments or followers I got, I just loved blogging. It actually has been a source of stress lately where I feel pressured to put up quality content with amazing pictures 3 times a week, to be a great blogger, which has just been impossible lately. I've also been thinking about morphing my blog from just strictly beauty to incorporating more lifestyle/self-help posts. Why? Because I can! As I'm changing and what I need in my life changes, my blog should change right along with me.

But as I feel like I'm drowning in this thing called life, there is still a lot to be thankful for. And as I feel alone in all of this, I know that I'm not and hopefully after this rant of a post I can assure someone else that they aren't the only ones either.

All I can say is that it's OKAY to not want to blog sometimes and take a hiatus when you need it. It's OKAY to take time to focus on yourself and to do what you want to, self care is important. It's OKAY to not know what you're doing all the time, because who does? Don't pressure yourself and compare yourself to others, or get down on yourself for not being where you want to be ( I'm terrible at this and have unrealistic expectations for myself), you will get there eventually. It's OKAY to eat pizza two days in a row, you aren't going to die. Take one day at a time, stop and breath. Focus on what you do have, not what you don't and be grateful for at least one thing a day. And when in doubt...

Whew! Sorry for this scattered brain rant/explosion of feels, but I needed to get it out of my system and explain why blog has been so meh lately, believe me, I'm not happy with it either.

In light of all this, I think I will step away from my blog for a little while to better focus on my health and emotional well-being. I also want to rethink my blog and what I would like it to be to post better content that I can be proud of and that is helpful to others. I might post sporadically when I actually really want to, and not just because I feel I have to.

How have you pulled yourself out of blogging/life blues? Got any suggestions for content you would like to see from me? Want to vent about how life sucks sometimes? What is your biggest quarter-life struggle right now?

Comment away!

Thank you for all your support!




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