Thursday, August 6, 2015

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O' Blushes

Benefit was having a sale a while back, and I saw that the Cheeky Sweet Spot, a special holiday package of six blushes and a sample of Watts Up, was discounted! A chance to try six Benefit blushes in one palette? I'm in. Let's get down to business...

...To defeat, the Huns. Sorry, I had to.

 Back to the blush!

In this cute little Christmas themed tin, there are six mini versions of their best selling Box O' Powder blushes, a tiny brush (when I say tiny, I mean tiny) and a sample of the Watt's Up Highlighter. This set is normally $36.00, but it was on sale for $30 plus free shipping. Considering each full-size blush is $28.00 a pop, this is a steal to sample six of them. Obviously they aren't full size, but who really finishes a blush?

It includes: Dandelion (a soft pink with a hint of shimmer), Bellabamba (shimmery pink with gold sheen), Sugarbomb (shimmery peach), Hoola (matte bronzer), Coralista (shimmery coral with gold sheen) and Rockateur (mauve rose-gold with subtle gold sheen). Watt's Up is a cream champagne gold highlighter.

I LOVE THESE BLUSHES. The only thing that would have made this absolutely perfect would be to replace Sugarbomb, since it's so similar to Coralista, with Dallas and I would be in heaven. I've wanted to try Rockateur and Hoola for so long, and they live up to my expectations for sure. All these blushes are soft, pigmented and blend really well. All of these blushes, excluding Hoola, have varying amounts of shimmer in them. In Dandelion and Rockateur it's subtle, but still there. So if that's not your thing I wouldn't purchase this.

The only blush that I'm not crazy for is Sugarbomb because it's a little too peach for my skin tone and hardly shows up. Other than that, all of these are great! The only blush that you can't get anymore is Bellabamba, which is a bummer. Watt's Up! is also super creamy, pigmented and has a gorgeous glow without chunks of glitter.

The brush is useless, Just gonna throw that out there. I mean, it's nice they included one but it's so tiny that it would take an incredible amount of time to apply blush to the face. It sucks because it actually is super soft. I think I'm going to depot these bad boys and throw them in a z-palette because as cute as the tin is, it's not practical for storage and takes up a lot of space.

Even at $36, this is a great opportunity to try the famous Box O' Powders if you have been weary of the price tag that comes with it.

Now onto justifying buying Dallas...

Tried them? Thoughts? Let me know!




  1. This set looks amazing! It's so cool that it has a little sample of each blush x

  2. I got this set at Christmas and love it! I could never justify buying a boxed powder on its own so I'm glad I have this now! Love the Mulan reference haha

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

    1. Ugh I know, they are pretty pricey so i'm glad this set exists! Haha I couldn't resist the reference, I sing the song every time in my head when I hear "let's get down to business," It's sad it's so automatic for

  3. What a steal! I love a good bargain and these blushes are gorgeous! I agree with the two looking so similar! XO -Kim

    1. Yeah it's a great value set and highly recommend! That was the only disappointment for me was that Sugarbomb and Coralista are so similar.

  4. wow i so wish i could get this! so much better value as you say who finishes a blush?! i dont think i have ever hit pan on a blush before!! great post!

    tasha xx

    1. I agree! I've yet to hit pan on one of my favorite Milani blushes I've had for YEARS. I'll be super impressed the day I hit pan on that



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