Saturday, May 2, 2015

the Balm Nude Dude Palette Review and Swatches

I've been thinking about getting the Nude Dude eyeshadow palette from the Balm for a while, but I've been resisting getting yet another eyeshadow palette...
Until I got a super cute single shadow that I fell in love with in my April Ipsy bag and an Ipsy offer to get the whole palette for only $20 instead of $36.

I basically had to right?

The Nude Dude palette is the second edition to the Balms nude eyeshadow palette. the original Nude 'Tude palette. This palette is definitely on trend with the rosy mauve shades we all have been obsessing over. Plus the quality of the shadows are silky smooth and a little on the powdery side but blend out nicely. For the most part all the shades are great, except one or two that are a little patchy or have mediocre color payoff.

Let's be real, the packaging was a big factor in purchasing it. It has "nude" men in it! It's so damn cute. It has 12 shades, just as the last one and a good mixture of satin/shimmer and matte shades.

Unlike the original Nude 'Tude, I definitely find myself reaching for this palette more than that one. It has more shades that appeal to me and because there are more decent mid-toned blending, crease shades that the other palette lacked for me.

Here are some swatches!

Fearless is a great cream shade to put all over the lid to help all the shadows blend together, similar to my beloved Wet N' Wild Creme Brulee single shadow. Flawless and Feisty are perfect matte transition shades, but I found Feisty didn't have the best pigmentation and you really have to build it up to get any color. Fabulous is a golden-white, good for highlighting your brow bone and inner corner.

My favorite shades to put all over the lid to give it some shimmer are Faithful, Fit and Flirty. Flirty pleasantly surprised me because it looks much darker and almost looks brown but once swatched its a beautiful violet with a golden sheen. 

Fierce is a shimmering black, and Fine is a deep satin brown for darkening and defining the outer corner and crease. Funny is a satin warm, reddish brown and Firm is a satin bronzey taupe shade.

I was a little disappointed with Friendly, a matte deep plum, because it's very patchy and hard to blend,
I love the variety in this palette, which I find is difficult to do in a palette with a rosy, mauve color scheme because it can sometimes be a little redundant and produce similar looking eye looks.

Already own the Nude 'Tude? No problem. This one is definitely different enough to justify getting the Nude Dude palette as well. It's a great companion palette to the original and addition to anyone's collection on its own for sure.

 If you don't have either and are thinking about picking up one, it's all about preference really. If you are obsessed with rosy pinks, coppers and mauves like me then I say grab this one, If you are looking for a palette that has a wider shade range and a more versatile palette in general, than the Nude 'Tude is for you.

Kohls now carries the Balm, and this brand is always featured on Hautelook pretty regularly so keep your eye out for this at a discounted price! Even not on sale, I would still buy it. Plus, it's not as spendy as some other palettes either.

Love it? Leave it? Your thoughts are welcome!

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