Sunday, May 17, 2015

Colour Pop Eyeshadows and Swatches

Colour Pop has been blowing up recently with the launch of new blushes, bronzers, highlighters, new shadows and new lippie stixs, and it is well deserved attention. For now, I restrained myself to just six of their Super Shock Shadows but you can bet your sweet ass I'll be buying some more products from them soon.

 The texture of these almost-cream-but-not shadows are incredible and hard to describe. They are almost like a gel that dries to a powder and they are not only pigmented but have phenomenal staying power on the lid. The range of colors and finishes they have is insane and literally everyone can find something that suits their skin tone and preferences. The best part? They are only $5!  If you have not tried them, go buy some NOW! Plus, shipping is free on orders of $30 or more.

Let's take a look at my little collection...

Top row left: Game Face, I Heart This, Amaze
Bottom row left: Get Lucky, BAE, Fringe

Game Face is an Ultra-Metallic finish, according to the website, and is an orange-copper, pretty much like a melted penny. It is the most "wet" feeling shadow to me out of the six I have, but it dries down.

BAE is described as a Metallic "rich eggplant purple with emerald and turquoise glittery duo chrome." The photos do not give this color justice at all because it's such a beautiful unique shade. You cannot go wrong with duo chrome AND glitter.

Amaze is also Metallic in finish and is a glittery rose gold. I'm obsessed with anything rose gold.

I Heart This doesn't have a "finish," but I say glitter is a finish and this one is GLITTERY. It's a taupe with almost a cool-toned purple color with multi-colored glitter.

Get Lucky is one of my favorites because it's an Ultra-Metallic that's like true liquid gold. YAS.

Last but not least is Fringe, a Metallic champagne with silver and gold glitter. It's a beautiful shade that's perfect for the center of the lid to really make your eyes pop.

As a testament to the staying power of these, I tried SCRUBBING them off with make up remover wipes and soap and there are still stains from them just sitting on my skin for 5 minutes...

Have shade suggestions for what I should order next time? Leave me a comment!

Oh, I also went to a wedding yesterday and that's why I haven't posted for a few days. It's so nice being on the other side of the wedding process and not planning it, but it's still tiring. My husband was a groomsmen so we had to go to the rehearsal dinner, be at the venue like 5 hours before, etc. It was a ton of fun though!

Hope you all had a great weekend!




  1. Nice Blog dear ! and I love your makeup too

  2. How gorgeous are those colours?! I love the rose gold one especially! They look so pigmented, I'd take it as a good sign if I can't get them off haha

  3. What beautiful shades! I'll have to check out their website, you really can't beat that price!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Love, Krista |

    1. I know right? I can't wait to try their bronzers, blushes and highlighters too! And those are $8 bucks but you get much more product!

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