Friday, November 27, 2015

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm: My New Favorite Primer?

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm has been causing quite a buzz in the beauty community when NikkiTutorials first mentioned using this as a primer and raved about it. Soon after, a lot of other Youtubers, bloggers and beauty gurus have been trying it out as well. I decided to take the plunge to see what the fuss was about...

and I was shocked.

This is an AMAZING primer. I'll be honest, I was really skeptical about putting this on my face instead of my usual primers and was nervous that it would just turn into a disaster. Boy was I wrong.

This balm is a white, liquid that smells, well, like a mans product. When I smoothed it all over my face it has a slight tacky feeling after it has a moment to sink in, which I've heard is thanks to the glycerin in the product. Because of the tacky consistency, my foundation applied so smoothly to my face and stuck to my face. Even on places like my nose where I find that I fight an uphill battle everyday to get ANY amount of foundation to stick. 

All of my makeup applied so well and just looked better. I am super impressed. I was a little worried that this would not be a long-wearing primer, wouldn't control my oil that well or wouldn't fill in my pores, but this totally did! My makeup lasts all day, my shine wasn't anything outrageous and actually was a tiny bit less than normal AND my pores weren't as visible. I have huge pores, especially on my cheeks and this smoothed them over and blurred them really well. Since it's for sensitive skin, I haven't broken out either.

This product is a goddamn miracle.

That might be overstating it, but I just have not been wowed by many primers and have come to not expect much from them, but this definitely changed my perspective.

My only gripe is that the manly smell faintly lingers a little longer than I would like, about 45 minutes. It's not bad, just a distinct cologne like scent. So if that would bother you, I would probably skip this. It's only $5 for a huge 3.3 fl. oz. bottle so I honestly would still give it a try anyways, it's that incredible.

My hunt for a great primer is over... for now.

Have you tried this yet? 




  1. I love using this as a primer, I thank Nikkie tutorials who noticed this!
    Charlotte //

    1. It's so good! I seriously owe her for this discovery!



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