Monday, November 23, 2015

November 2015 Boxycharm Unboxing! #BeautyPar-Tea

My Boxycharm is here! And the theme is Beauty Par-Tea, which is cute, yet random for this time of the year (to me at least). I saw a few sneak peeks that I was really excited about online so let's dig in!

Let's start with the makeup shall we?

The two items I'm the most in love with from this box is the Manna Kadar's Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain in Lucky and StudioMakeup Soft Blend Blush Sahara in the shade Wildflower. The two compliment each other well too! They are both beautiful, nude, dusty rose type shades. The blush is so soft and blends wonderfully on the cheeks, I wore it today and I loved they way it looked, very soft and romantic. The gloss stain is super pigmented, a little on the thicker side and really does leave a stain, even just from a quick swatch on my hand. It doesn't seem overly sticky, but I haven't worn it on my lips yet. It's in the same color family as the blush, just a bit deeper and more mauve.

I also got a Luxie Rose Gold Concealer Brush 211, which I wish was a different kind of brush to be honest because I already have so many concealer brushes. This one is a little smaller and more tapered than my other ones, which is nice. I'll probably use it for eye shadow and for packing on pigment all over the lid. It's a pretty brush though! 

I've gotten this Coolway Leave-In Treatment before, and I think I remember liking it. Leave-in conditioners for my hair always come in handy to help tame my lions mane. It's full size, but seems like a small bottle to me for being full size. The last item in my box is a Pur' Lisse Pur'Eye Adore Quadra Benefit Eye Serum. The great thing about subscription boxes is that I never have to spend a dime buying eye cream at the store because I almost always get samples of it, and since it's eye cream it takes me a while to even get through a sample, let alone a full size one! I'm pumped about this one in particular because it has a pump! (Pun intended. I'm so lame.) I've only used it once, but it feels cooling and hydrating underneath my eye without being too heavy.

I certainly will be having my own little Beauty Par-Tea with this month's products!

That concludes this month's round of beauty subscriptions, so tune in next month for December boxes! I have a feeling they are going to be good ones. :)

What did you love from your Boxycharm this month?



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