Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Skindinavia Setting and Primer Sprays

I live and die by setting spray. It helps prevent make-up melt down and controls oil so that by the end of the day (or night) the make-up look you put time into that morning is still there. Nothing is worse than looking #flawless just after you're done doing your make up and checking back a few hours later to find it greasy, faded, creased or just gone from your face. Not cool.

 I was getting dangerously low on my Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray and decided to check out actual Skindinavia setting sprays. They were even having a sweet deal of two travel size sprays (1 setting spray and 1 primer spray) with a purchase with free shipping AND I got 10% using a coupon code (which is BRIDAL29)! They are still having the sale so I would check it out if you are in the market for setting sprays! 

After some debate between the Oil Control spray or Bridal spray, I decided on the 4 oz. Bridal Makeup Finishing Spray version just to try something different.

I was also curious about the primer spray so I'm glad I got a travel size to try! I am nervous just using this instead of a traditional primer so I use both just to really ensure oil control (so unnecessary, I know). So far I like it, but I haven't tried it without the setting spray so I don't know the wear time of it just by itself.

The original Makeup Setting Spray will be great to travel with too. It's just your basic, fine mist setting spray that works well for everyone.

All these sprays are also oil-free and paraben-free!

After just trying the Bridal spray for a few days, I was really pleased with the results. I set my makeup with it at 9AM and when I cam home at 7PM I wasn't a complete grease ball and my make up still looked decent! Even after using one of my foundations that makes my face the most oily and spending an hour outside at recess with the kids in 90 degree heat. HOT DAMN it works well!

The Bridal formula supposedly resists excess moisture, reduce shine and prolong make up up to 16 hours, according to the website. Totally ideal for brides, hence the name. I would recommend this even for every day, not just special events if you want to keep your makeup intact for long periods of time without touching up.  It's also has a "ultra fine" mist, which is nice to really coat the face evenly.

I'm really impressed with it.

Here is my make up just after setting it, leaving for work at 9 AM:

My make-up when I got home, no touch ups during the day, at 7 PM:

Obviously there is still oil around my nose and cheeks, but it's pretty minimal for me which is amazing. A tiny bit of my blush is even still left, and that's the first thing to go!

I think any setting spray from Skindinavia is going to be great, and so worth the money. And even though Skindinavia makes the Urban Decay sprays, I think I like these ones better.

What are your thoughts?



P.S This was not sponsored in anyway, and these are my genuine opinions, ya feel me?


  1. i have oil skin so i definitely have to spray mine on or ill do the cake and bake method :)



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