Sunday, April 17, 2016

Spring Nail Picks

As we all start whipping out our spring and summer wardrobes, it's also time to put away those deep, dark nail polishes (or don't and do what you want!) and start wearing lighter spring colors! I scoured my nail polish shelf for some of my favorite spring-like shades to share with you all, so let's take a look!

When I think spring, I think light, pastel colors that are really feminine. I LOVE Essie Rose Gold, that is well, a true rose gold with a gorgeous metallic finish and Essie Mademoiselle, which is a light, natural pink. In the bottle Rose Gold looks kinda meh, but on the nails it's straight magical and one of my favorite all time nail polishes. Mademoiselle is the perfect natural, pink nude that just makes your nails look polished and clean.

For colors more on the bright, bold side of pastel (if that's even a thing), I enjoy LVX in Mynt, Trust Fund Beauty in Elegantly Wasted and Defy & Inspire in Stagecouch. The LVX and Trust Fund Beauty polishes I got in subscription boxes, and Defy & Inspire polishes can be found at Target. LVX Mynt is the perfect mint green shade because it doesn't lean too green or too blue but is a true mint. Elegantly wasted is a beautiful dark lilac that is also one of my favorites to rock year round, but is great for spring. Stagecouch is a new found favorite and is a iridescent periwinkle blue with orange, pink and peach shifts. It's seriously a stunning color and pictures do not do it justice!

Those are my spring nail picks! What are yours?




  1. These are such pretty shades! I don't tend to reach for pastels on my nails (though I have my fair share of them!), but I do really like a pink Essie polish that I own. I'm not sure of the name, but it's a really sweet pink with a bit of shimmer. It's really nice!


  2. That defy one is so unique and pretty!
    Charlotte //



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