Saturday, March 28, 2015

Drugstore Haul + Swatches (ELF, Wet N' Wild, Hard Candy)

Hey guys! I've accumulated quite a bit of new make-up over the past few weeks so I thought I would share it. I've only tried a few of the products, so full on reviews will be up later when I've tried them for a while. Some of them aren't exactly new in the drugstore, but are cult classics I wanted to try.

Let's get started!

Left: Real Techniques Sculpting Brush, Middle: EcoTools Mattifying Finish brush. Right: ELF Contour brush
I've tried the ELF Contour brush once, and I did like it for creating a sharper contour, and it's actually really soft. The other two I haven't used yet!

The Wet N' Wild Reserve Your Cabana is actually a repurchase for me since I've hit major pan on my first one. I absolutely love it for a natural, soft highlight.

I really like both the blush and bronzer in this compact; they blend well, are pigmented and of course, matte. I've been on a matte kick lately so this I was excited about for sure.

The baked highlighter in Blushing Gems is nice champagne, bronze highlight. I like it so far, but it is rough as most baked products are. So if you like silky smooth powders this is not for you...

I was intrigued by the idea of an ombre blush, and so I picked this up today. I mean just LOOK at it, it's gorgeous. 

Pearlescent Pink is a good blush if you're looking for a pinky-peach blush with some sheen to it with good pigmentation. All things I enjoy in a blush. 

These ELF smudge Pots make great eye shadow bases to layer other eye shadows on top of or can be worn on their own! They don't budge on my eyelids and don't crease after they set. I definitely want to pick up more.

I had high hopes for this palette. Granted, this still is a great palette and the quality of these shadows are awesome, I was just expecting them to be more foiled, so I was a little disappointed. But I'll still wear them for sure and maybe try mixing them with water to kick the metallic finish up a notch.
I've used this primer for 3 days and I LOVE it. I mostly bought it because I wanted to see if it could be a Porefessional dupe but its a creamy white color with a silicon consistency. Either way, it fills in my pores and fine lines pretty well and worth the 6 bucks.

Target recently started carrying L.A. Colors cosmetics and I just had to pick up some eye shadows, like I don't have enough,.. The trio in Sunflower is so pretty and decent pigmentation for only being 99 cents! It is a little powdery though, but not nearly as powdery as the 16 color palette I got in Smokin'. I liked the variety of colors in this palette, especially the greens. The pigmentation is okay, but like I said, very powdery. But hey, it was less than 5 bucks.

I'm real excited to try this foundation. I love the original Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation because its full coverage, has a satin finish, and is more neutral-warm toned that matches my skin. I picked up the shade 150 Buff which is a hair light for me but its easy to warm up the face with bronzer afterwards.

I forgot to take a picture of the ELF Skin Smoothing Serum from their new skin care line. I've used it a few days and it feels super nice on my skin. It's hydrating and the consistency is sorta like a lotion with all sorts of botanical ingredients that are good for the skin.

Whew that was a long post! I'll be sure to check back in with my thoughts on all these products once I've used them more.

Comment down below with your thoughts!

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