Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April Boxycharm Unboxing! #AprilBloom

I've looked at sneekpeaks for this months box, and I knew I was going to be a little disappointed just because I already have one of the products. Take a peak at my box for the month of April 2015!

Here is the description card I got along with my products that has product details, sizes and retail value:

The big disappointment for me was the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette just because I already own it! It's a fantastic, cheap alternative to the Naked 3 palette with more eyeshadows and a bigger shade range. I gave the new one to my sister-in-law, so I took a picture of my old, well loved one. :)

There are some hits and misses, which I find is common in almost every palette. Some of the more shimmery shades have quite a bit of fallout, especially the copper one in the right hand corner on the top row. Which sucks because the color is super gorgeous and metallic but I have to be extra careful with it. My favorite shade out of the whole palette is the matte burgundy on the bottom row, 3 shades down from the left. SO PRETTY. I got a sample that had this shade in it and I bought the whole damn palette just because of that one shadow I loved so much!

Here are a few random swatches:

I also had to take a double take of the Jing Ai Velvet Lip Jewel, in the shade Red Rascal because I was certain I already recieved this product in my February box. The formula is smooth and hydrating, and is in crayon form.

 The shade I got in February is Raspberry Ice. It looked so suspiciously similar that I swatched the two side by side and you can hardly tell the difference.

Left:Raspberry Ice, Right: Rascal Red

As you can see, Raspberry Ice is a hair pinker. This was also sort of a disappointment for me because again, I feel like I already had this.

The OFRA Illuminating Blush was pretty much the saving grace of this box for me. It definitely reminded me of the Balm Hot Mama blush because it's almost like a peachy, pink highlighter when I swirl all the colors together. Individually these would make great eye shadows too! It's very pigmented and silky feeling.

Colors swirled together
I've gotten samples of Harvey Prince Hello fragrances in other subscription boxes so I know I like the scent, which leans more floral for sure. It's not my favorite scent, but I'll use it.The roller ball form is more convienant and purse friendly, so that's a bonus.

Lastly, I got a Coolway Smoothing Lotion. I'm excited to test it out to see if it smoothes out my frizzies while not completely weighing down my hair, which some smoothing lotions tend to do.

If I do end up liking it, at least I get 30% off and a free brush with this bonus coupon which I'm happy to share! 

Promo code: BOXY4U

This box wasn't that great for me, mainly because I already had a few of the products. If I didn't though, I think I would be way more stoked about the products I got. 

Thoughts on this months box? Tell me in the comments!

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