Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I'll take you to The Body Shop...

"Go 'head girl don't you stop." 
The first Body Shop product I ever used was an eyeliner I stole from my mom in high school, and it was in the color Slate. It was the most BEAUTIFUL eyeliner color I had owned. It was a slate, blueish grey color and I wore it everyday until it was a tiny nub I couldn't use anymore. I went back looking for it years later but couldn't find it and haven't come across a dupe for it. So sad.

Since then I have quickly fallen in love again, but with their skin care. Good thing they always have phenomenal sales to fuel my thirst for their amazing skin care products. They actually are not that expensive when getting them as part of their buy 3, get 3 free deal, or their 50% sales which is what I do.

 The line I am using currently is the Tea Tree one for blemished skin, along with a few randoms from the other product lines.

Over the weekend I was super sick, and as a result my skin was looking rough. To help me out, I can always rely on one of my favorite masks, the Tea Tree Face Mask.

"Instantly cools and lifts away impurities." I would stand behind this statement 100% because it feels so NICE on my skin. It's so refreshing, intensely cooling, and is great for my acne prone skin. It also doesn't "dry" like other masks, which I like because I hate having to scrub off a mask once it dries.

The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner is a repurchase for me, and probably my favorite toner at the moment. The Cool & Creamy Cleanser is something new I'm trying, and I like it much better than the gel cleanser from the line. That's just my preference for creamy cleansers though. The Tea Tree Gel is a spot treatment for blemishes, and comes with a doe foot applicator. I'm still trying it out, but seems to work pretty well and doesn't feel overly drying on my skin.

Excuse my super cute chipped nails...

I'm really liking the Seaweed Mattifying Lotion moisturizer I've been using under my make up in the morning. It's not greasy, is refreshing and has an SPF. It does have similar consistency to actual sunscreen though, which I wasn't digging at first but I totally got over it.

The Camomile Sumptious Cleansing Butter is what I've been using to remove my make up before I wash it with my cleanser. It's like a balm you massage on your face and wash off with water and a wash cloth. It works well at removing my foundation and most of my eye make up.

As you can see I've used a good amount of it, so I decided to get the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil to try and see which one I prefer.

The Body Shop has a skin care line for just about everyone, and their make up is pretty great too! So whenever there is a sale or promotion I would hit up your local store or shop online to stock up on favorites and try new things. I feel like they are always churning out new products. And if you haven't tried some of their skin care, I would highly suggest it.

Disclaimer: I'm not sponsored and I bought all of it myself because I'm an independent woman! 

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